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Kranz Construction

Let us build your dream home. Tell us your needs, and we will customize your home to your liking. With creative and efficient use of space, you may be able to afford more than you thought was possible. Make sure to ask how bonus space can fit into your new or existing plans. We specialize in new home construction in Longview and Marshall and the surrounding areas.

We would love to sit down with you and create your dream home. Let us help you visualize it today. Contact us using the button below with your ideas, and get a free consultation. You can also view sample homes using the button below. 

Pick a home builder near you that will work with you as a partner and build your fully custom home on your budget

Design & Build Process

Kranz Construction is a full service general contractor with experience in the fully custom home building industry. We design, build, and renovate properties around Longview and Marshall TX. Over time, we've developed a real passion for what we do. No matter the architectural style or location, our first priority is building quality work that you'll be proud to call home. As custom home builders in Longview, Marshall, or Kilgore Texas, we're devoted to remaining innovative with continual revision of design and construction techniques.
We invite you to explore and learn more about our company and process to design and build your unique custom home in the Longview and surrounding East Texas area.
Kranz Construction pursues a thoughtful approach to each project through expert building practices and continuous innovation. We see ourselves as your number one advocate and work to help you through great communication, lot analysis, planning, and construction. Our priority is to create a dream home that matches your lifestyle and desires.
From the very first meeting, we seek to learn about your objectives and needs and seek to meet them. We will address all of your specific questions or concerns. We maintain continuous communication with you during the entire design process and build process.
We analyze your home site for inspiration, incorporating the views, topography, and other environmental cues into the design. That's why choosing exactly where to build is one of the most important first steps in building your custom home.
You will be able to participate as much or as little as you wish during the most critical parts of custom home building. During the design phase, we help you assess the overall project, provide valuable engineering insight, gather input from subcontractors, suggest sensible alternatives, help in material selection, and create realistic schedules and budget estimates.
Once construction begins, we make sure to keep the project constantly moving forward while still being available to you for any assistance you need. This process allows you to have a beautiful finished project that you can take great pride in upon completion. Our desire is to ensure that you have a home that is individually tailored to your needs.
If you're looking to build a custom home in and around Longview or Marshall, TX, give us a call or contact us online to get started right away!

Where it Started

Kranz Construction began with a boy on a farm in California. Because the farm was located in an area with few financial resources, Mr. Kranz grew up learning to fix anything and everything. When he was 12 years of age, he accidentally drove a farm tractor through the family's front porch, and his father responded with, "Well, I guess you are about to learn how to build a porch." This was one of the first official "construction projects."

The interest in construction grew into building several homes for his own family. As a father of five children, he specializes in creative use of space, including a signature "bonus room" built into every home he designs.

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