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Unique Features

Every project includes a unique feature, whether it be a panic room, home theater, or bonus space. Every home we have designed contains a signature "bonus space" hidden in the roofline of the home.

house 3_6.jpg

Home Theater

Stadium seating for 13 is built on top of the living room boxed ceiling in order to use the natural resonance of the floor's construction to approximate a "real" movie experience as much as possible. This design also uses the natural raised floor created by the boxed ceiling beneath to minimize the material needed to create the stadium look.

Panic Room

This project involved a creative use of "bonus space" in the roofline, coupled with a hidden room on the ground floor in order to created a unique two story hidden space with the ability to move between the floors without being seen.

Decorative Ceiling Features

This open concept living, dining, and kitchen contains a unique ceiling design as a "talking piece" when people enter the home.

Unique Features: Projects
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