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Design Process

Each project begins with a set of goals and ideas from the customer that we then turn into a floorplan. The floorplan continues to be modified until the customer is completely happy with the layout. That floorplan is then converted into a 3D model that can be viewed from any angle and tweaked to match the customers ideas. Rooflines can be adjusted to maximize desired bonus space or to create a desired exterior view. The entire house is completely customizable for the customer allowing for as much or as little input as is desired.

house floorplan.jpg

Floor Plans

Floor plans are generated based on customer inputs and are expanded  to include all required elements eventually yielding a full set of plans customized for the customer.

If you are just looking for ideas and possible layouts feel free to try one of the sites listed below. No need to purchase anything as we can work from even simple printouts or screenshots without dimensions.

house dollhouse view.jpg

3D Models

A 3D model is generated from the floorplan so that the customer can see the visual effects of cabinetry and appliances in the layout from various views and angles

house cutaway.jpg

Customizable Rooflines

The 3D model can be sectioned and viewed from any angle so that the customer can see the effects of rooflines on the appearance of the house and can modify bonus spaces to maximize additional room

house kitchen view.jpg

Detailed Photorealistic Views

The 3D model can include as much or as little detail as the customer desires allowing for photorealistic views to be generated of key areas of the home

glass house.jpg

Overall Site 3D Layouts and Visual Effects

The entire house can be viewed three dimensionally with various visual effects applied and video walk throughs can be generated to allow for others to see the final project easily.

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