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house 3_16.jpg

Home Sample

One of the largest houses we have designed, this home is a 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathrooms with an office and kitchen with two islands. Also included are a unique two story panic room and home theater. Click on left or right image or swipe left or right to navigate through images

For a video of this home click the link below

house 3_16.jpg
house 3 snow front.jpg
house 3_17.jpg
house 3 pool day snow.jpg
house 3 pool night.jpg
house 3 kitchen 1.jpg
house 3 kitchen 4.jpg
house 3 kitchen 2.jpg
house 3 kitchen 3.jpg
house 3 dining 1.jpg
house 3 dining 2.jpg
house 3 breakfast 2.jpg
house 3_21.jpg
house 3_2.jpg
house 3_1.jpg
house 3_3.jpg
house 3_5.jpg
house 3_4.jpg
20210729_144146 movie room back .jpg
20210729_144117 movie room front.jpg
house 3_8.jpg
house 3_7.jpg
house 3_6.jpg
house 3_9.jpg
house 3_10.jpg
house 3_11.jpg
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