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20231107_090029 pergola from front slight east stairs visible.jpg

Example Back Yard

This is a dream backyard with a cedar pergola which includes an outdoor fireplace surrounded by a retaining wall all faced with Austin stone. A stairway leads to the upper yard and a new garage was integrated into the back yard

20231107_090029 pergola from front slight east stairs visible
20231107_091233 pergola front
20231107_090034 pergola front east side
20231107_091210 pergola looking west from inside
20231107_090056 pergola from east side
20231107_090001 pergola from front west side
20231107_085937 pergola from back west side
20231107_085906 pergola from back east side
20231020_130157 garage back and west side
20231020_130114 garage east side
20231020_141156 garage driveway
20231020_141215 garage driveway and garage door
20231020_141234 garage driveway and both garages
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