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house 1_1_proc.jpg

Home Sample

With a more traditional look, this home features 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms with an open floor plan and bonus space above the garage and main living area. See automatic slideshow below. Click on left or right image or swipe left or right to navigate through images

house 1_1_proc.jpg
house 1_24_proc.jpg
house 1_5_proc.jpg
house 1_6_proc.jpg
house 1_7_proc.jpg
house 1_3_proc.jpg
house 1_2_proc.jpg
house 1_4_proc.jpg
house 1_11_proc.jpg
house 1_12_proc.jpg
house 1_13_proc.jpg
house 1_10_proc.jpg
house 1_22_proc.jpg
house 1_14_proc.jpg
house 1_15_proc.jpg
house 1_16_proc.jpg
house 1_17_proc.jpg
house 1_19_proc.jpg
house 1_20_proc.jpg
house 1_18_proc.jpg
house 1_21_proc.jpg
house 1_23_proc.jpg
house 1_9_proc.jpg
house 1_8_proc.jpg
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